Your Credit Card was declined? Try Checking Your Credit Status!

As a means of payment, credit cards have many uses, ranging from paying for groceries at merchants, paying for electricity, water, depositing accounts at brokers, to paying taxis.

So no wonder, credit cards are excellent among modern society. In addition to being safer because there is no need to carry large amounts of cash, credit cards are also considered more practical and more efficient, as well as facilitating financial records.


Apply for credit cards to the bank

Apply for credit cards to the bank

So, do not be surprised if many are competing to apply for credit cards to the bank. But, did the bank then grant credit card requests for every prospective customer who came?

Of course it’s not that easy, it is not uncommon for these excited prospective customers to have to bite their fingers because their credit card application was declined by the bank. Not only was it rejected by 1 issuing bank, but it could be 2, 3 to 4 issuing banks. Then why did this happen?

Do not be disappointed, there are many components that are considered by the bank in determining whether a person is eligible for credit card facilities or not. Well, one of the important ones is credit status or the smoothness index. Credit smoothness index is often known as Cream Bank Checking.

Cream Bank checking is a report issued by Cream Bank and contains a customer’s credit / loan history to a bank or non-bank financial institution. This credit history information can be accessed by all banks and non-bank financial institutions registered as members of the SID (Debtor Information System) throughout Indonesia.


Credit collectability classification

Credit collectability classification

In general, your credit history will be classified based on the smooth return of the loan and referred to as credit collectability. The collectability classification looks like below:

  1. Current credit

This means that your credit history is considered satisfactory, you are a client who is obedient and obedient to all obligations to pay installments of principal and interest.

  1. Special attention credit (DPK)

Namely loans for 1-2 months the mutation is not smooth, the debtor starts in arrears.

  1. Non-current credit

Your credit is considered not smooth if within 3-6 months the mutation is not smooth, the payment of interest or principal debt is not good. The bank approaches but the results are still not good.

  1. Doubtful credit

Credit is in a non-current stage and the debtor cannot complete the credit even though it is due.

  1. Bad credit

Efforts to settle or reactivate non-current loans but these efforts have not been successful, these loans are classified as bad loans.


It is also terrible if the credit is bad

It is also terrible if the credit is bad

So, for my friend, both those who already have a credit card and those who do not have a credit card, pay close attention to the matter of Cream Bank checking, not until the credit history actually makes you difficult in the future.

But, you don’t need to be afraid of credit cards, because there are still many benefits to be had if you have a credit card. C’mon, the spirit of applying is chosen card ^^.

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